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Patient Participation Group

2017/2018 Patient Participation Group – Annual Report


Practice Population:

The current practice population as at 31st March 2018 stands at 9328 patients, a 2.8% increase on the same date in 2017. Growth is mainly driven by the increasing population in the local area and the redevelopment of hotels and smaller properties into blocks of flats and nursing homes.

The practice population has shown a significant shift in recent years with our largest growing demographic being patients between the age of 35 and 45.

Detailed population information is shown below on Appendix 1.

Membership of PPG:

The Patient Participation Group aims to encourage patients to engage with the practice through the formation of a Patient Representation Group and use of a wider patient survey. Patients are invited to join the group via advertising in our practice waiting rooms and within the reception area. Additionally the practice has an online group for those patients’ wishing to be involved but without the time available to attend in house meetings.

The PRG (Patient Representation Group) liaise in the form of meetings at the practice and through written correspondence. In addition a wider patient perspective is sought annually through the completion of a patient questionnaire. This questionnaire is completed by the members of the patient representation group as well as a wider cross section of the practice population. The online PRG allows those interested patients to raise queries and questions and make suggestions to the way in which the practice operates. The results of both are published annually in house and on the practice website.


The Patient Representation Group for the year 2016-2017 comprised of 19 patients and was again headed by our practice manager, Stephen Middleton and our deputy practice manager, Debbie Stones.

99 additional patients responded to our patient questionnaire, giving us 118 responses in total from the patient participation group.

Detailed below is the patient profile of both the practice and the PPG for comparison.

  Practice Population Profile PRG Profile
0-9 623 7.38 0 0.00
10-19 327 3.87 1 0.85
20-29 1552 18.38 16 13.56
30-39 1852 21.93 25 21.19
40-49 1096 12.39 20 16.95
50-59 761 9.01 17 14.41
60-69 820 9.53 18 15.25
70-79 693 8.09 10 8.47
80-89 621 7.24 10 8.47
90-99 198 2.34 1 0.85
100+ 7 0.08 0 0.00
TOTAL 8550   118  
Male 4311 50.33 58 49.16
Female 4239 49.67 60 50.84
TOTAL 8550   118  

Information Analysed:

As part of our review process and to initiate discussion with our Patient Participation Group we look at information from the following sources.


2018 Meeting Minutes





Present - 15 Members

Apologies – 2 Member

  1. Welcome – Stephen introduced himself as Practice Manager and Debbie as Deputy Practice Manager and thanked everyone for attending and for being a member of the Poole Road Medical Centre Patient Participation Group.

  2. Information about the practice

  • Growth / Patient numbers – the Practice list size has been growing steadily recently and we now have approximately 9 ½ thousand patients. This is expected to rise further due to local developments. This has meant we are a much busier Practice with a high demand for appointments.

  • Changes in workforce – We now have 4 Partners, 3 salaried GPs, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, 3 Practice Nurses and 2 Health Care Assistants

  • NHS changes and pressures – The NHS both locally and nationally is under increasing pressure and secondary care waiting lists for procedures is ever increasing. This continues to put additional pressure on GP practices. We are looking at ways to better signpost patients into alternatives such as online advice and pharmacy to alleviate this.

  • Using the right service – ideas

  • Encourage more patients to see the Advanced Nurse Practitioner to free up time for GPs to see patients with more chronic/urgent problems.

  • Encourage patients to seek advice from pharmacists for more minor ailments.

  • Have separate display boards in waiting rooms displaying useful information and posters for children, women, men etc

  1. Updates from the practice manager:-

  • Plans for the building – plans will be submitted again to widen the walkway upstairs and downstairs to create a single large doctor’s waiting room and allow us to move the reception area to make it more private for patients speaking to the receptionists.

  • Work done in the last 12 months

  • ANP – Deanna Dean works alongside the Doctors in the walk-in surgery and the Duty Doctor in the afternoon. She can see patients with a variety of medical complaints. There is a list in reception of medical complaints that she can’t help with and this is visible for patients to see.

  • Childrens appointments – a small number of same day children’s appointments for children under the age of 10 are available with the ANP in the afternoon.

  • New Salaried GP – Natasha Hawkins has joined the Practice as a Salaried GP. She did part of her GP training at the Practice previously and we are happy that she has now taken on a permanent role.

  • Dr Price change from Partner to Salaried – Dr Price retired from the Partnership in November last year and is now working as a salaried GP on a part-time basis doing 4 sessions per week.

  • Frailty Team – we have a Health Care Assistant and a Paramedic as part of our Frailty Team. They assist with the health and social needs of patients over the age of 75 and patients at risk of being admitted to hospital. It is hoped that the frailty teams from local practices can join together to bring their different specialities together to benefit patients from all the practices

  • Future Plans e.g. phlebotomy and other hospital services – it is hoped that funding can be taken back from hospitals to put more services back into general practice. This could include bringing phlebotomy back in-house and providing imaging locally, not necessarily at this Practice but at another Practice in the area. This would make accessing these services more convenient and quicker for our patients.

  • CQC lead – 3 Members of the PPG have kindly agreed to be CQC Leads. This will involve speaking to the CQC to give a patient’s perspective on how the Practice is doing during inspections.

  • Patient Survey – a patient survey will be sent out to all members of the Patient Participation Group later this year and will also be sent to a random selection of patients.

  • Patient Dementia Friends – Members of the PPG have kindly agreed to be Dementia Friends. This will involve us contacting you to discuss ideas and ways of making the Practice more dementia friendly.

  • Better together scheme – this is an idea for the future to bring together people with similar life experiences to provide support and advice to patients in a similar position.

  • Ideas and questions from the group –

  • Move the toilets out of the waiting rooms – this will be done if planning permission is granted to extend the walkways.

  • Name badges for receptionists – this will be discussed at our next staff meeting.

  • Tidy up and straighten the notices on the glass doors at the entrance.

  • Create separate notice boards for different patient groups

  • Walk-in surgery in the afternoons

Full data for our practice can be found at –

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